Laurel LeMay and the Mystery of Merriweather Abbey

Readers agree....a classic, joyous romp through middle school milestones. Nothing held back. "Un-put-downable!" Uproarious.

A perfect gift for all ages.  Mothers, grandmothers, teens and pre-teens: anyone who has survived both the horrors, and the joys of middle school will love this literary journey. 



Mysteries abound!

Have you joined the Merriweather readers club? Can you solve the central mystery of the Abbey?

A poetic sense of justice, humor and pathos. You'll laugh and cry at the same time. Perfect for book clubs.

Unique insight from the poet/author, makes for a superb gift to  young adults everywhere, to all who are struggling to find their way in the world. Sure to become a literary classic.  Now on Amazon.com

About the Author

Glowing Reviews for Laurel LeMay and the Mystery of Merriweather Abbey! Poet Laureate Emerita of Virginia's first Young Adult Novel is a glorious tribute to the middle school experience. Mothers, teachers and grandmothers agree, it's a joy from start to finish!


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Middle School Mayhem!


Middle School angst. Home Ec. Cooking Disasters,  Social Phobias,  Relentless bullying from Espin Alldread.  All this, plus mandatory etiquette lessons.  And what's that strange noise coming from behind the massive door in the grand ballroom? 

Mysteries abound at Merriewather Abbey!

Author Appearances and Readings

Kathryn Forrester-Thro, Obl. S.B.,
Poet Laureate Emerita of Virginia
at a candlelight poetry reading

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